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OCTongue: Homemade Shabu Shabu & Served Korean Food

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

My craving for shabu shabu, the Japanese version of hot pot, came very strong on a somewhat warm day in August. I had researched on YouTube the various ingredients and sauces needed for a seafood shabu shabu and decided to try it one Sunday afternoon. Vegetables of bok choy, napa cabbage, mushrooms and other items came from a local Farmers' Market. Fish balls came from Pinoy Pam's. Shrimp came from the local grocery store. One sauce was courtesy of Amazon. Then I also created my own sauce - a combination of soy sauce, olive oil, peanut butter and spices. Noodles came from the pantry by way of a packaged ramen package. Also used the dry mix from the noodles and added it to the broth.

For the inaugural test, I used our Ninja Cooking System and it worked out very well. It was ridiculously exciting to try something new at home and to have the finished product taste deliciously was a bonus delight. For the second time, I used a deep skillet and that worked just as well.


One day this summer, a friend and I met with the intention of enjoying dim sum. When the place we intended to patronize was closed, we walked 10 steps to BCD Tofu House. It was exotic to me - Korean - a cuisine I have enjoyed just a handful of times in my life. The spread of delicious flavors was colorful and exciting to taste. After lunch, we continued our colorful adventure at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. Fall colors and flavors were in the air. Come back for more stories of Asian cuisine tasted in 2020!

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