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Destinations: Overnight in Big Bear for the First Time

The heat wave and subsequent fires in September caused us to postpone an overnight trip scheduled for that month. So instead we went in the second half of October. It was nice and crisp that weekend and the two hour climb up to Big Bear was pleasant because it was a clear and sunny day. We arrived in The Village just in time for a patio lunch at Peppercorn Grille.

Our fishing poles came with us and after buying bait at Big Bear Sporting Goods, we drove to the North Shore, put our beach chairs close to the water and relaxed while watching the lake in front of us. After nearly two hours, we found that the lake had too much grass to be fruitful and so we decided to pack up and head back into town. We rested for a few hours before exploring The Village at night. It was a perfect trip because it was far enough to feel like a true getaway and the area had not been crowded at all.

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