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Midsummer Plants, Picnics & Parks

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

This season of being home taught us the invaluable positive effects of gardening and being in nature. We discovered it in the spring and continued our journey of caring for our plants into the summer and beyond. Just before the heat wave in September 2020, we were outdoors every weekend - usually at Salt Creek Beach Park. The combination of gardening and being outdoors provided much-needed relaxation during this time.

When we had a late start one Saturday and found our usual stomping grounds too crowded, we went to Laguna Niguel Regional Park. It was warmer there, at least by 10 degrees and on that afternoon, we lounged under a pine tree while #PepperBogey played and relaxed with us. From that weekend on, we also explored another park - Lantern Bay in Dana Point - where we used to spend Sunday afternoon concerts at the park.

As summer drew to a close, we celebrated our first growing season - one that was exciting - full of color and growth. Only these first-time growers knew the subtle changes that happened every day, and it was thrilling to be surprised with new changes as the days went on. It was a special summer in nature and one to be repeated again and again.


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