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4.18.20 3:25 pm

Updated: May 3, 2020

Watching MDL Los Angeles 2017 & it's so good! The characters, the listings, the heart pounds just eavesdropping on Madison, Josh, Josh and Tracy.

The washing machine has been going for a couple of hours now. Just had a tin of Portugese Nori spicy sardines & sipping on a NZ sauv blanc. The day has been cloudy but dry and overall, I'm feeling happy and appreciating life. Last weekend, I started working on this site and it was nice to have something to keep my mind focused on a creative outlet. Also last weekend, I worked on the marketing for Wine Down Wednesday: Paso Robles Edition and it was a treat!

That happened on 4/15 at 5:05 pm and hosting three of Paso Robles' phenomenal people in wine was exciting and was a highlight of last week. Also last week, on 4.16.20, MR made a delicious pasta dinner with fresh pasta and RAO's spaghetti sauce. It was so full of flavor and perfect for a Thursday night. We had dinner outside, just as the sun was setting and listening to the water below.

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