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OCTongue: Homemade in Spring 2020

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

For about 40 days starting in mid-March 2020, homecooked and delicious meals made with fresh Famers' Market ingredients became the norm in our home. Each night produced a different dinner, made with the enthusiasm and joy that spending more time at home brought.

Growing herbs started as an experiment after a trip to the market one day. Within 30 days of starting green onions from kitchen scraps, a full victory window sill of Farmers' Market herb garden became a reality. Another 15 days later, gardening became a passion and a slight obsession. The discovery of this new, peaceful and fun hobby converted our outdoor space from a waterfront in-home restaurant to a home for different varieties of roses, a bougainvillea plant, a blue juniper, a host of colorful spring-time annuals and of course, edible herbs for cooking.

Outdoor dining remained a staple, especially during this beautiful time of year and as 2020 progressed. By June, a homemade outdoor bench had served as a dining area and a comfortable place to rest our legs while watching hummingbirds flock to our corner feeder, listening to the therapeutic sound of the creek below and watching our plentiful mallards and spring-born ducks glide on the water below. What a treat!


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